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Cover letter for Security Guard positions. Example of cover letters for Security Guards to help you land a job in the security field

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Dear MR.,MS. MRS. Whatever applies:

Desiring the opportunity to interview in person for a security guard position with your agency, I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

I am pleased to present my resume to you for consideration as a Security guard with the  (Name of the agency).  I possess a (type of degree if applicable) from (name the college) and passed (the name of training school) on (date)(If you don't have a degree or training, focus on your life long desire to be a police officer. Add any experience that you have that may be applicable) I was also certified and hold a  (type of certification as required by the state). Having the desire to provide for the protection of clients and their properties, I look forward to discussing this great opportunity with you at your convenience.

As my resume will demonstrate, my educational training (and work experience if applicable) has been geared toward learning and cultivating my abilities as a security guard.  Throughout my formal training, I have been given ample opportunities to prepare to (gear it to the job),   As a result, I feel genuinely prepared to provide the needed level of service in a professional, courteous and complete manner. I have 5 years with the (name of security agency) and have received advanced training in (dealing with the public, patrol, CCV, handling mentally ill individuals, whatever training that you have) and I am certain that I could put this training and experience to good use, as well as be a valuable asset to your agency.

My greatest strengths include a strong desire to provide professional, courteous service to represent my employer to leave a positive reflection of whatever service your company is requested to do. I enjoy working with the public and can work well in stressful, fast paced environments as well as stay focused to the job in less active times.

I am confident that I will be an asset to your agency.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your company goals and how I can help you achieve them as a Security Officer.  Thank you !


Your name

Enclosure:  Resume

This is one basic layout of a cover letter for Security Guards and Security Officers. You can adapt it and put it into your own words. I just wanted to give you an idea of what a cover letter for these agencies may look like.


On this sample security guard officer cover letter, it is short and to the point. The first line, a bold type introduction is intended to make your cover letter stand out. You can change the wording but remember, the idea is to get noticed!
Make a great cover letter for Security Guard positions! Get a Security Job.

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