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This is the first thing that has to be determined when you start a job search. You may be a factory worker of 25 years in the same plant and now you find yourself unemployed in an area where the manufacturing has gone overseas. (don't get me started on that whole mess)  The bottom line here is that in the areas hardest hit, you may have to look for part time work or even worse, move out of the area. The reality is that if unemployment is high in an area and jobs are going overseas, it will probably be years until an area recovers...if ever.
Like in the late 70's and early 80's, western Pennsylvania saw a gigantic decline in the number of jobs that were based on the steel industry. It was the bread and butter for the area as well as what is now known as the "rust belt" Steel mills closed, populations plummeted, crime soared and the cost of government programs were heavily stressed due to the thousands of hard working Americans that had to get food stamps and other government help for the first time. There are still areas where the economy has never recovered, the residents are gone and the outlook is still bleak.

You have to ask, what am I qualified for where I want to live!
In tough economic times, you have to cater your job search to what you can do by virtue of  your job qualifications with what is available in your area. If you do not want to move, than you have to look at it as though your qualifications as a teacher will not get you a teaching job. What are you willing to do? I use teachers here but any job will do. You could be a laid off police officer, apartment manager, accountant...well you get the idea. If you are in an area that is extremely depressed, it may come down to you deciding what kind of a job you are willing to take. If you aren't willing to take a job out of your field, you may need to move. The good thing is that the internet has made this a much easier process than it ever has ever been.
You may be a certified teacher with 20 years on the job and now the school that you have called home is closing. The whole area that you live in no longer has any teaching jobs available. You are depressed, scared and probably angry. However, the reality is, YOU ARE NO LONGER QUALIFIED TO TEACH IN THAT AREA! Why? Because no one wants you.
I am not trying to be harsh, just honest and realistic. Now, before you get mad at me, let me just say this. You are qualified to be a teacher, you just have to match your qualifications with opportunity. Look for areas and even other states that are hiring. You are certainly qualified in these other areas and may be very well received. If you don't want to move elsewhere or leave you area, that is something that has to be weighed when you examine your education, experience and abilities, as opposed to the job opportunities that are available locally.
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